Friday, March 26, 2010

Breathing Different Air

Last Thursday, I spent a dreamy day in Santa Barbara and it was so nice to leave the physic chaos of Los Angeles for a little while. It is so important to take time to change your scenery, change perspective....breath different air. I think sometimes it takes a physical change of location to create space for awareness and appreciation. I'm so grateful to be able to pursue my passion of creating images and capturing special moments for people.... and for sunny days.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Los Angeles Marathon 2010

In addition to today being the first day of Spring, my inspirational friend Julia ran and finished the Los Angeles Marathon. Go Jules Go!

First Day of Spring... New Day

Today was the first day of spring. New Years maybe the marker for the starting of a new calender, but I think that springtime's embrace of rebirth, renewal and regrowth is going to spring forward my new year.

The cherry blossoms looked especially delicious today. These beautiful, delicate flowers are an omen of good fortune, an emblem of love, affection and also represent spring.