Wednesday, September 12, 2012

ceremony is in the heart

Ceremony is in the heart

This is my Grandma Anna and Grandpa Salvatore D'Amore's wedding photo. This is only photo that I have from their wedding. It has great meaning to me, but leaves a great mystery of what their celebration and ceremony was like.

A wedding day is such an important marker in our lives and it's a gift to be able to reflect on the day with photographs. It's important to be reminded of the love and intention that was set forth between two people. 

My grandfather passed away before I was born and my Grandma Anna passed away in September 7th, 2006. She lived to be 90 and a day which I feel was a complete circle for her long life. We were very close, I photographed her often. She was an incredibly good sport about it and I miss her dearly. There are so many things I wish I had asked her. Especially now that I am a wedding photographer, I wish that I had thought to ask her about her wedding day. Who was there, what did you eat, did you dance, what music was playing, were you excited, were you nervous, what was grandpa like....? There is only this one studio portrait, so I have to leave the rest up to my own imagination. 

I believe that getting married is an act of honoring that you have found someone you love enough to commit to and share the adventure of life with. Life as we all know can be challenging at times. We are continually tested, and I believe in reasons to celebrate. I believe in ceremony. I believe in love. 

Whether a couple has a ceremony in a church, a court house, an lavish estate, thier own back yard, or a ballroom filled with amazing decorations, with or without the root of it all, I believe that true ceremony takes place in the heart. 

I feel honored to capture the love couples have for each other and document the story of their day.. their beginning of a journey together. I imagine that their grandchildren and future generations will be excited to hear their stories and revel in the joy, tears, and the laughter that they see in the photographs.