Saturday, May 29, 2010

Easy Rider, Have a Great Trip

Again, another great, eccentric artist gone too soon. With 30 being the new 20 these days, that makes 74 the new 64, and that's just too young to have to call it quits. Rest in peace and have a great trip Easy Rider.

I wished that I had an opportunity to do a real portrait or Mr. Hopper instead of merely an event photo on the fly. None the less, I must admit that I was star stuck and embarrassed to ask..."Excuse me, Mr. Hopper, can I photograph you next to the Liechtenstein BMW art car?
In a similar fashion to rock ledgend photographer Jim Marshall passing away right before his exhibition at the Fahey Klein Gallery, Dennis was preparing for an Exhibition at MOCA Geffen Contemporary. that will be open from 7/11/2010-09/26/10

"Dennis Hopper Double Standard" (named for his iconic 1961 photograph, pictured below)hopper 1961.jpg will be the first comprehensive survey of Hopper's artistic career to be mounted by a North American museum. The exhibition will feature approximately 200 works, ranging from an early painting from 1955 and photographs, sculpture, and assemblages from the 1960s to more recent large-scale billboard paintings and film installations. The curator? Julian Schnabel.-"-Media Bistro
In May it was announced that Hopper will be the subject of an upcoming biography by American writer Tom Folsom, Hopper: A Savage Journey to the Heart of the American Dream.

Here are a few more photos of Mr. Hopper at the LACMA & Vanity Fair 2009 Oscar Party.

ps... Dennis bought one of Andy Warhol's Campbell's Soup Cans paintings for $75 dollars back in the 60's. It pays to support your favorite up and comming artists :)

more photos from the event I photographed
LACMA & Vanity Fair Magazine 2009 Oscar week