Saturday, December 1, 2007

Winter Road Trippin to Montana

Going though the archives.... I was reminded of my road trip from Los Angeles to Stevensville, Montana to spend the holiday in the snow with my Godmother Yana.
There was almost gun play at the Rustic Inn. Lots of large animals...unfortunately, dead, stuffed and in plastic form. We drove through part of Zion, dwarfed by giant red mountains. There was a snow storm in Idaho which we almost drove off a cliff but Super Yana saved the day with her superior driving skills. Laura, Yana's cousin had a near death experience and then kept on truckin. Note: Hiking in the snow can be dangerous. I was almost proposed to by a hunky, tattooed, shirtless drunk accompanied by his equally drunk toothless Uncle (we stumbled upon them on their fourth day of drinking at the Rainbow Bar). We ate good food, baked a couple pies, relaxed, laughed alot....alot! We spent quality time with REAL people and our girl Shirley kept us laughing on the road. What more could a girl ask for Christmas?

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