Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Snow Puppies!!!!

Cute Puppy Goodness!
I was working and playing in Mt. Rose up in Tahoe this past April and there was still snow. Melting slushy snow, but snow none the less. I was so happy to be up there. I thought January was the last time I would see snow this season. My heart was seeking an adventure, and the universe provided.

While wondering around Mt. Rose field waiting for the rest of the crew I saw
these two adorable lab puppies running in the snow. My heart stopped at the site of them and I like a magnet, I was pulled towards their fluffy soft goodness to steal a hug, a few licks (from them to me, not me to them, just to clarify), and of course some puppy portraits.

Meet Dojo and Omi and their lucky owners.
I have dog envy ;)

I love these ears!

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