Thursday, July 1, 2010

Merve & Evren's Wedding in Istanbul... a sneak peek

After an amazing week in Turkey in which my camera only left my eye for the graciously offered Turkish apple tea and a bit of sleep, I had the honor of photographing Merve & Evren's wedding. The ceremony was on June 27th in Istanbul, Turkey at the Marmara Esma Sultan which was majestically perched along the Bosphorus strait as if to welcome all the giant ships floating by. It was a beautiful wedding. Merve was absolutely, exquisitely, stunningly gorgeous in a dress that her sister designed with French Chantilly lace, blue tool and antique crystals from their mother's wedding gown. A beautiful omage to someting new, something borrowed, and something blue. Evren, handsome of course, managed to figure out his bow tie after a rushed sound check. He surprised the guests by performing with the Turkish Evil Maria band after dinner. Merve was right there by his side rocking out. They sang a rock duet to The Beatles song "I've Just Seen A Face." Straight from their hearts...touching us all. I might have teared up, but my trusty camera hid the evidence. ;) The full moon rose up across the water perfectly between the Bosphorus bridge spires and then gently veered to the right as If it knew that's where I needed it to be. The evening ended with a moonlit boat ride on the Bosphorus. Beautiful Istanbul, lovely friends, and wonderful memories. Cheers Merve & Evren!!!!

(M&E, If you guys aren't too exhausted, can you get married again? I had such an amazing time that I'd gladly repeat every moment)

I'm a bit jet lagged, but was so excited about the photographs that I quickly cherry picked a few favorites from the thousands of images I shot and processed them to post.


  1. Nice Pix Aurelia!! Hope you're having a great time.

  2. Ah, dear Aurelia. I would get married just so you could photograph my wedding. Phenomenal photos. I'm so proud of you. But I was proud of you before this magical trip to Turkey...A.E.