Monday, October 4, 2010

Valentine Viannay: The Parisian truck driver and bug lover

I visited my friend Valentine recently and she was so excited about her new old GMC truck and VW Bug. I totally understood why. Some of my fondest memories were paling around Baja with my dad in his turquoise Chevy pick up truck. (like most of the kids in Mexico, I too was driving at 10. Just barely peeking over the steering wheel.)

Valentine moved to San Diego from Paris about 9 years ago and started her own business called Painter Genie. She had bug back then with her Painter Genie logo on the side. She'd buzz from project to project with paint cans crammed in the back and scaffolding tied to the roof rack. She does commercial and residential decorative wall finishes, artisan plaster finishes, murals, (she can paint just about anything) and now she also creates custom silk screened fabrics...which are very cool!
I don't know how she finds the time, but she continues to work on her personal work as well. Check out her fine art site. 


XO, Mon petite chou

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