Tuesday, October 16, 2012

message in a bottle

Meet Megan and Chris!
Fun loving and fun and loving. 

I met Megan & Chris at The Charity Shoot Out hosted by Jen O'Sullivan at the Castle Green in Pasadena. It was a fun and crazy day meeting newly engaged couples looking for photographers to document their weddings. We had 15 minute portrait sessions with the couples that were interested in our work and then there was an auction to raise money for a local charity. It guess it was kinda like speed dating. Couples get photos, photographers, planners, and vendors meet couples, and the charity wins :) 
It's a brilliant idea and much more intimate than a giant wedding convention.
Check out the photos on my facebook photo page

I donated an engagement session to the auction thinking that perhaps an event planner might bid on it for a client or someone might gift it to a friend. I guess Megan & Chris must have had fun in out 15 minute session because they bid on me and won :) They were so excited because they wanted to do their engagement session at Disneyland wich is one of their most favorite places to be. I was totally game :)
We had a blast. They knew all the nooks and crannies to shoot in and had so much information on the history of the rides and the park and about Walt Disney. I had so much fun there running around the park with them making photographs.  In addiction to capturing their affection and playfulness with each other I enjoyed making some images of the park that they can hang as artwork on their walls. There were so many images from our shoot, but here are my favorites. To see more photos click here.

Megan & Chris are extremely thoughtful and creative. I love that they put my images to good use in a signing book, photos for their walls and in their wedding invitation.

They are getting married in Hawaii and what better way to invite their guests along for the adventure than with a wedding message in a bottle! 

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