Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Micah: Inquisitive About The Elevation

A few weeks ago, I was invited to photograph a mixed media project where Art Meets Fashion.  I had the pleasure of  working with the designers from  The Elevation when there original photographer team member was unable to make it to the final shoot.  It was madness, but a great shoot. I can't share the images till after the fashion show, but one image is going to run in San Diego Magazine next month and is also being displayed at the San Diego Airport. I'll share the image after it goes public :)

The Art Meets Fashion show is on the 28th April at the San Diego Airport. If you're in the area, check it out. I can't wait to see it all come together for these very talented designers and I'm honored that they asked me to contribute my talents to showcase their creativity.

Now, to the point of this particular story.... We were shooting the finished clothing on models in Valentine Viannay's  (my dear friend and collaborating designer) San Diegian sun drenched back yard when her neighbor's daughter came over the hill to investigate our madness and my strobe lights flashing away.  

Enter Micah: delicate, stealthy, peaceful.  Clutched under one arm, two hand made dolls. One a pigtailed girl dolly, one a frog wearing a dress. More impressively and unexpected, embraced tightly but not too tight in the other arm, a white chicken, with an aura only slightly less peaceful than Micah's. Of course it's not everyday that you see a gorgeously propitious little girl in a prairie dress walk up to you with a pet chicken under wraps, so my attention was momentarily removed from the art couture and redirected to the gracious little dove and her sidekicks.

 Portrait of Micah

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